M.M. Membrado, PLLC
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Start-Up and Development-Stage Companies
Small To Middle-Market Private Companies
Microcap and Smallcap Public Companies
Private Equity and Pooled Investment Vehicles
About M.M. Membrado, PLLC

We are a boutique law firm that specializes in representing the following types of clients:

  • Start-Up and Development-Stage Private Companies
  • Small to Middle-Market Private Companies
  • Microcap and Smallcap Public Companies
  • Private Equity Firms (including Venture Capital Funds, Hedge Funds, Merchant Banking/Leveraged Buyout Funds, and Real Estate Funds), Investment Partnerships, and High Net-Worth Individual ("Angel") Investors.

At M.M. Membrado, PLLC, we are experts in corporate and partnership transactional, securities, tax, and related kinds of work.  We believe that we can add the most value by remaining highly focused on this core competency, and we do not, therefore, do any litigation, real estate, bankruptcy, estate or other types of legal work.  Our practice exclusively involves counseling in relation to a sophisticated mix of private and public financings, mergers and acquisitions, SEC and NASD reporting and compliance, tax, general corporate and partnership counseling and related matters, technology licensing, and general business-related matters.  We are fairly unique in this regard.  Moreover, because of our lean structure, we are able to apply senior-level attention to all client matters and consistently provide a service that avoids many of the other kinds of problems frequently encountered by other than very large companies or institutions in dealing with large corporate law firms, such as overstaffing of projects (often by underqualified attorneys), delays in moving projects along, and unjustifiably high legal bills.

In general, we strive to play a very proactive role in causing our clients to realize their goals and to earn a level of trust from them in our knowledge, skills, business sense and judgment such that they are inclined to turn to us regularly not only for guidance in relation to their legal needs but also in relation to general navigation of the capital and M&A markets, strategies for advancing to higher tier stock exchanges or OTC quotation services, as well as a broad range of strategic and general kinds of business issues and matters.  In many cases, moreover, we play important roles in making key financing, M&A, market making, investor relations, accounting, EDGAR filing, and related kinds of introductions, as well as in identifying for the benefit of our clients other strategic, transactional and related types of business opportunities.  We fully recognize and appreciate the fact that, as our clients succeed in realizing their own business objectives, we, too, will succeed in realizing our own.  This understanding is reflected in the fact that we often accept equity as part of our compensation.

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